Why Should I Use Volluma?

You Should Use Volluma if You Suffer from Temporary or Permanently Thinning Hair.

Volluma works like Mascara to thicken your hair shafts and it stays in place until you decide to remove it. And because Volluma is a cosmetic, that means…

No Surgery | No Drugs | No Topper or Wig

So, save yourself the pain of surgery, the side-effects of drugs and the discomfort of a wig. Get the pain-free, cost effective results of Volluma Hair Thickener and you’ll instantly Look Good & Feel Great!

  • Easy to Choose – available in 13 Natural Hair Colors (matches most hair colors)
  • Easy to Use – just spray it where you need it (blends easily with existing hair)
  • Water & Sweat Resistant – look great in any weather (won’t run or blow away)
  • Quality Cosmetic – German made (the Mercedes of Hair Thickeners)
  • Doctors use Volluma – read what the Doctors say!
  • Easy to Buy – available in Hair Salons, Hair Restoration Clinics or Online
  • Guaranteed – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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