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“10 Styling Secrets for
Women With Thinning Hair”

In this e-book we reveal simple professional styling secrets, easy techniques and tips that work wonders to make your thinning hair look thicker and healthier.
Embracing even one tip will have you looking good and feeling great with an instant boost in self confidence, so dig in and find one, two or more that work for you.
And please let us know about it!

Some of the Nuggets You’ll Discover In This Guide:

  • The 3 important steps to discovering the best stylist for you and your hair
  • The 3 top haircuts best suited for thinning hair and your face shape
  • Using colour to your advantage and the 3 tips you must know first
  • The 2 Shade Rule of highlighting and lowlighting and why not to break it
  • The 3 Pre-Blow Dry techniques that really pump up your hair’s volume

We’ve interviewed Hair Stylists the world over to bring you these tips, tricks and insights on how to look your best with thinning hair. I hope you find this ebook helpful and incredibly useful. Please feel free to share it with anyone you feel that could benefit.

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Style Guide Testimonials

"Great Tips for people with thinning hair!"
~ Sally La, award winning stylist

"I read the styling guide. I should agree that it contains useful tips."
~ Val

"I did receive the styling guide and found many useful tips."
~ Shelley

"The guide is most informative - several good tips of which I was unaware. Much appreciated."
~ Jailyn