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Disclaimer – Results may vary depending on type and density of existing natural hair. Best results are achieved when applied as directed.

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“What a wonderful product and your mission statement says it all.”
Deb – Elmira, ON

“I have used numerous other products that were similar to Volluma, but none to the success of the hair thickener. I receive many compliments on my hair now and it does boost one’s self-esteem. Thank you and your company for meeting the needs of those in need!”
Carole from The Great Smoky Mountains

“I can’t thank you enough! Good business….
a loyal customer”

Debbie – Queen Creek, AZ

“My hair thinned out after menopause – after years of thick hair I suddenly looked in the mirror and could see those horrible “gaps” in my scalp. For awhile I could camouflage it with certain hair styles and a perm. But then I began to consider hair transplants when the situation got somewhat worse. But hair transplants are scary and also very expensive. I did an internet search and discovered your website – to be honest, I had low expectations. However, I was truly amazed at how natural the “hair replacement” looks. I use it regularly and as I said in my last note I truly do feel better and am very grateful. I hope it (my story) encourages women with my problem.
Thank you again!!!”

Fran – New York NY

“Thanks, i have used this product just yesterday. Its awesome and i am loving it. The fiber stay steady and longer.”
Sam – Scarborough ON

“That Volluma hair thickener is really fantastic and really help(s) conceal my “thinning hair in front”, lol! The “price” of getting old, huh! Thanks again.”
Rosario R. – Hamilton ON

“I want to thank you for the development of this product. I have had thinning hair for several years now and Volluma is the first product that has camouflaged that problem and is also easy to use. The shampoo and hair spray are also excellent.”
Frances N. – New York NY

“Please know that the product works great as it is truly fantastic. FYI – I have brought your product to my dermatologist’s attention and highly recommend it to his patients!!!”
Michelle W. – Williamsville NY

“U have no idea how much I love this product. Its amazing!!! I love the small bottles – they fit perfectly in my carry on and will be great to keep in my purse. Thank you so much!!!!!”
Carin M. – Sudbury ON

“I finally received your product and tried it out.
It works! I love it! Volluma made my thin hair look much thicker and I look beautiful as a result.
Your shampoo does wonders as well in removing the product between hair washings. Again, thank you!”

Stella S. – Melrose MA

“I bought Volluma before Christmas but finally tried it for the first time a couple of days ago. I love it!!! I cant believe how wonderful your product is. I used to use make up to hide my problem, while it worked it was time consuming. Thanks again!”
Serena R. – Coquitlam BC

“I use it and love it. It enhances what I have. Thank you for a wonderful product!”
Rina V. – Wichita KS

“This product is fantastic. I stepped outside as a new person. I have Alopecia areata and Volluma really covers up the bald spots. Thank you so much!”
Miriam B. – Sterling VA

“I just want to let you know that I love this product!!!!”
Dodie B. – East Berlin PA

“I just wanted to tell you that I applied the Volluma as you suggested and I am loving it!”
Harriet M. – D.D.O. QC

“Volluma is the product that I’ve been waiting for for the longest time. Now, that I’ve found it, there is no other product that can beat Volluma. I have thin hair all over my head, and not much of it on the top. Volluma makes me feel like I have lots of hair, it looks great and natural! The service one can get from Volluma is welcoming and professional. Dale is a sincere and honest person which I love because a lot of representatives out there are not that genuine.”
Mary M. – Montreal QC

“Your customer service is obviously as good as the product. For years, I’ve tried every product, at any price. Volluma is the closest thing to Real Hair ever. If mixing the colors creates a perfect color match for us “folically challenged” people, you will have zillions of devoted customer for life. Whoever created this Volluma Hair Thickening Spray is a genius!”
Ellen O. – Eatonton GA

“I can’t express enough how much I really love my Volluma. It has helped me with my confidence so much. I have thinning hair, and am very self conscious about it. When I wear my Volluma, I don’t even think about it!! I forgot I had it on one day when I went swimming with my two boys. I worried that it was going to run down my face, but it did not run one little bit. The company has been awesome to deal with. Their integrity and professionalism are first rate. I love how Dale follows up with me without ever being pushy or trying to make a sell. She just honestly cares about her clients!!”
Christy T. – Garfield, KY

“First let me say that I can’t believe how it actually does make my hair look so much thicker on the top of my little bald head! The product is absolutely fantastic as far as making my hair look thicker and covering up the really sparse areas. I love the way it filled in my hair. Thank you for everything Dale. You have just been fantastic.”
Diane F. – Richmond, VA

“Thank you again for another order of your product. Do not know what I would do without it! My hair is VERY thin, especially on top and I am extremely self-conscious of that. I am out in public just about every day and using Volluma allows me to go about my life looking and feeling good. It has taken me awhile to really get used to using the product but have played with it until I found what works best for me and am SO happy to have it! It really does make such a difference in my life. THANK YOU”
Susan B. – Peace River AB

“I’m truly happy with the product and I feel normal when I wear it because people are looking at your face not your head. As you know women have it hard to accept this problem because hair is very important for appearance.”
Rosa H. – Burnaby, BC

“First I have to say ” I love Volluma and it is the most wonderful product! I have been wearing a hair system for the past 3 years and it is so uncomfortable. Wind is always my enemy and I never feel free in it. I was so excited when I found Volluma while browsing and I ordered it right away”
Shelley M. – Miramichi, NB

“I just wanted to say that I do love this spray!!! When I spoke to you on the phone and you said I’d love it, I thought well, “we’ll see”, but I do!!! I just used it today for the first time. I can’t wait to experiment with hair styles I couldn’t wear before!!! I’m so glad it is a large bottle. It will go a long way bc my hair is not super thin!!”
Christy T. – Garfield, KY

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your product. At first, I thought what am I doing..spray painting my hair? But this is a wonderful product! I have just placed my second order. I also always notice people with thin hair and was wondering if perhaps you might let me be a representative for volluma?”
Karen M. – Warman, SK

“As the editor for a hair magazine who tested Volluma as a new product, I must say, it really works and I love the way it makes me feel! It’s also great to be able to help the readers who have written to me about how it has given them more confidence.”
Taryn W. – Toronto ON

“But now, with this product — just gave me MORE confidence; as some of my beloved friends call it…Hair in a Can! haha! But, it doesnt matter…maybe it is (sorta) but its…confidence in a can too!! My hair looks so much better :) So thank you!!”
Lindsey P. – Toronto

“My name is Paul and I’ve been the hair business for 40 years. When training new staff, I will mention to them, that we are in the “Feel Good” business. We want our clients to “Feel Good” about themselves, when they leave our shop, and that is what Volluma does for me! It’s the best product I’ve ever used. Many products promise thicker volumized hair, but leave you thin and flat. Volluma actually works.”
Paul Jarvis, Hair Crafters, 1227 Barton St. E., Hamilton, Ontario

Female with long hair (60 sec.)

What Doctors Say Dr. Cecilia Flury, M.D. Rothrist, Switzerland, ISHRS Member “VOLLUMA was recommended to me in 2003 by a fellow ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) member as a way to improve the level of satisfaction with the fullness achieved through hair transplantation. I now recommend it to many patients who expect maximum results and, by the many referrals we get, it works! I am extremely happy with Volluma!”

Dr. L.E. Fremont B.Sc. M.D.
The Hair Loss Recovery Program Inc.,
Toronto, Canada and ISHRS Member “I recommend VOLLUMA as a non-medical solution to men and women who are experiencing hair loss and want to improve their appearance.”