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If you are experiencing temporary or permanent thinning hair or hair loss consider using a cosmetic hair thickener or enhancer, as they are sometimes called. The advantages of using a hair thickener are that they are inexpensive, easy to apply, produce great results instantly and can be washed out at any time. No special knowledge is required to apply a hair thickener and just a little experimentation is all it takes to get great results.

Regardless of the cause or stage of thinning hair, a hair thickener can be used in combination with other re-growth treatments such as Minoxidil (Rogaine®) and others or even to improve a hair transplant! A hair thickener is often a great solution for temporary hair loss after pregnancy, illness or any other reason.

The disadvantage of hair thickeners is that like any cosmetic, some of these products can run or rub off, potentially embarrassing the user. Care should be taken to select a product that suits your lifestyle.

What’s a Hair Thickener?

Before and AfterA hair thickener is a cosmetic that produces dramatic visual results instantly by adding (usually) coloured fibers to the hair cuticle (the outside of the hair shaft) to thicken it. At the same time some of these fibers fall on the scalp to noticeably reduce the scalp contrast that normally shines through thinning hair. Hair thickeners do not regrow hair – a popular misconception.

Guy Kissing Beautiful GirlAs a product group hair thickeners are a cost effective cosmetic solution to improve the appearance of thinning hair and hair loss without Drugs, Surgery or Wigs. Hair loss in women, whether due to female pattern baldness or Alopecia Areata can often be easily addressed with a cosmetic hair thickener.

Types of Hair Thickeners;

Powders – consisting of dry, coloured fibers shaken onto the affected areas that bond electrostatically to the hair shaft

Advantage – Looks good with a soft feel due to weak bond to hair shafts
Disadvantage – product can easily run, blow away, or rub off on fingers, clothing and bedding causing potentially embarrassment to the user.

Shampoo & ConditionerWet Products – Volumizers, conditioners, shampoos and oil treatments work by swelling the hair shaft from the inside with moisture and retaining it with a coating of polymers.

Advantage – temporarily provide extra body
Disadvantage – As they are not a coloured product they do little to minimize the visual impact of thinning hair.

Volluma Hair ThickenerAerosols – coloured fibers are sprayed on wet where they adhere to the hair shaft and dry in place. Volluma Hair Thickener is in this product category

Disadvantage – hair can feel stiff.
Advantage – Looks good with strong bond to hair shaft. Holds hairstyle in place. Less likely to wash out or wear off and won’t blow away.

Volluma ProductsVolluma Hair Thickener

Volluma Salon Professional Hair Thickener and Volumizer for Thinning Hair is the popular choice of many Hair Stylists when confronted with thinning hair and hair loss. It’s coloured formulation thickens thinning hair adding the body needed to make the hair conform to the stylist wishes and it’s water resistant formulation keeps it in place in the toughest conditions – it won’t let you down.

If you suffer from thinning hair and don’t want drugs, surgery or wigs, use the Hair Thickener the Pros use – choose Volluma!

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