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Hair Loss – Women Feel the Pain More than Men

Young Woman Upset With Hair LossIf you have been experiencing hair loss it is more than likely that you feel utterly alone. Unlike men’s hair loss, women rarely discuss it, maybe it’s a closely guarded secret between best friends but most often the shame of hair loss means there’s no one to talk to at all, This little secret remains just that, until of course it progresses to the point that others notice and it’s no secret any longer.

Hair loss; women affected is approximately 30 million in the United States alone and that number is continuously growing due to a variety of factors. Because you probably feel so alone, perhaps you have distanced yourself from loved ones, friends or even restricted your daily activities to avoid embarrassment. You may be having a tough time feeling beautiful because of the way your hair looks but luckily, there are some solutions that will work with your existing hair to help soothe the mental anguish you’re feeling.

Most men experience hair loss at some point in life mostly due to heredity. Some hardly notice, some take it in stride as a badge of maturity and some are certainly less accepting but, because it’s so normal and prevalent, it’s socially acceptable and they cope just fine. Hair loss in women on the hand enjoys no such social acceptance and women may become emotionally devastated finding coping difficult where men generally do not.

Pensive Young WomanTo add insult to injury men have more options than women to deal with hair loss. Among other things they can wear a hat, shave the rest of their head, take drugs intended for men only, get a hair transplant or do nothing at all! Women cannot go one moment without noticing the change in their hair because we as a society have made ourselves feel as though our hair is the key to our beauty and the way that we express our sexuality and style.

Women consider their hair as their “crowning glory” and, once the thinning has started, they feel far less than glorious. And the options for women are so much more limited!

  • Wear a hat? Maybe for a little while.
  • Shave their head? Unlikely unless you look like GI Jane.
  • Take drugs? Some will and get the limited results indicated by test results.
  • Get a hair transplant? Women are generally not considered good candidates.
  • Do nothing? Ya right!


Once you begin to lose an excessive amount of hair it is only natural to become depressed. If you haven’t seen your family doctor in regards to your hair loss, do so. You need to rule out any serious underlying medical issues before you can treat your hair loss. Once medical issues are ruled out, you may feel that your doctor does not take your hair loss as a serious problem. To him or her it may not be life threatening but for you it certainly is so ask to be referred to a dermatologist specializing in hair loss for women.

He or she will give you a diagnosis of why you are losing your hair and may prescribe a medication for hair loss, but there isn’t a guarantee that it will work. There are however, there are other solutions that will help you manage your existing head of hair – helping to give it the fullness that you once knew.

Before and AfterCosmetic hair thickening products are an affordable way to manage your existing hair, even if it is excessively thinning. These products work by thickening the hair shaft from the outside with organic colored particles. These particles also fall on the scalp to make it less visible. Keep in mind that hair thickening products are cosmetics that will not reverse hair loss in women. Another benefit of hair thickeners is that they cost effectively provide instant results regardless of the cause or condition of your thinning hair. They can be used on a daily basis but must be re-applied once you shampoo your hair.

Guy Kissing Beautiful GirlMost of these products are easy to apply and the results are undeniably great. By making your existing hair appear thick and full again giving the appearance of a full head of hair. No matter who you are, losing your hair is traumatizing, but by taking the first step in finding a solution that will work for you to improve your appearance, you can begin to regain your self-confidence. Regardless of what kind of product you decide to use the outcome will be the same – you will feel like the beautiful woman that you have always been both inside and out. Don’t let hair loss in women get you down find a solution that works for you!

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