Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss in Women – Can Be Devastating!

Young Woman Upset With Hair LossHair loss in women can be emotionally devastating, because excessive hair loss or thinning hair can cause a woman to lose her self-esteem. Unlike men who can appear  unaffected by hair loss, a woman’s head of hair is her “crowning glory” and bald spots or excessively thinning hair can make a woman feel less beautiful.

It is completely natural for a woman to lose a certain amount of hair on a regular basis, however, once this hair loss is more than 100 to 150 hairs per day it can be difficult to manage. Hair loss in women can be due to a number of triggers including genetics, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, emotional or physical stress, and so on. A woman may experience periods of excessive hair loss seasonally or at different phases of her menstrual cycle.

Pensive Young WomanNo matter what the cause of your hair loss, you need to realize that you are not alone. Thousands of women around the globe are experiencing hair loss, and feeling the way you do but are actively seeking a solution that works for them. If you have seen your doctor about your hair loss you may have noticed that, as it’s not a life threatening issue, it may not be taken as seriously as you would like. This is when you need to step-up, take the matter into your own hands and try one or more good quality hair cosmetics to improve the look of your hair, it will instantly boost your self-esteem and quality of life.

For hair loss in women there are a few good cosmetic products for hair loss on the market today that will thicken your existing strands of hair and help hide thin spots. You will not be able to reverse your hair loss but by using an effective cosmetic, people will see only  your thick and healthy looking head of hair. Most hair thickening cosmetics are used daily, but keep in mind that once you shampoo your hair you will need to reapply.

Before and AfterHair thickening cosmetics, sometimes called concealers, are available in the form of a sprays, powders, gels or lotions and are perfect for any hair color, or condition of hair loss in women. A concealer is a hair loss product that can be applied in both a lotion or powder form. Once applied, most products will attach to thinning hair shafts, thickening the strands. This adds fullness to your thinning hair making your bald spots no longer visible. Lotions and pastes typically work on the scalp to eliminate the contrast without thickening the hair strands. You’ll be amazed just how full your hair will appear and how small, balding spots caused by Alopecia Areata will become virtually invisible.

Happy Young LadyNo matter how self conscious you feel about your hair loss, it is important to remain strong during this difficult time and realize that a solution that works for you is out there. The great thing about hair thickening cosmetics is that they work instantly and are quite affordable, so you will be able to experiment with different products until you find one you like that fits your lifestyle. Remember, you’re not alone – hair loss in women is surprisingly common, and in no time at all you will feel like the beautiful woman that you have always been, both inside and out.

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If you suffer from thinning hair and don’t want drugs, surgery or wigs, use the Hair Thickener the Pros use – choose Volluma!

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