Hair Thickener for Women

Hair Thickener for Women

pensive womanIf you are someone who has thinning hair or who is struggling with hair loss, a hair thickener for women can reduce the thinning effect, and allow you to manage what hair you actually have left. Hair loss has been mistakenly thought of to be a male-only affliction, but in reality women make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

The difference between hair loss in men versus women is that men can better manage it, and typically suffer less than the devastating emotions that women feel. Society has, in many ways, forced women to suffer with their hair loss in silence as many physicians don’t consider hair loss life threatening and may not take the time to help soothe a woman’s emotions. This is when hair loss becomes devastating, because one might feel alone and certainly less beautiful, which can truly affect her self-image and emotional well being. No matter how you look at it, hair loss in women is a life altering condition, but luckily with the right cosmetic hair thickener for women you will be able to manage the hair that you still have left and potentially regain the self-esteem that you have lost.

If you are a woman who is struggling with hair loss, there is a hair thickener for women that will help you treat permanently or temporarily thinning hair as well as small bald spots from alopecia areata. Unfortunately, permanently lost hair can rarely be recovered, but these cosmetic formulas will cling to your existing hair, undetectably adding thickness and color. These concealing products include sprays, powders and lotions.

Young Woman Applying Hair SprayA cosmetic hair thickener for women that come in the form of a spray are formulated to treat thinning hair and balding. After using one of these products you might find that your bald spots will disappear and your thin hair will look thicker and fuller once again. Even though these products will not help recover your lost hair, they will give the illusion of a fuller head of hair by thickening hair strands. These products do not penetrate the hair shaft or clog your pores, so your scalp will continue to breathe and maintain its normal growth of hair.

A follicle booster is a hair thickener for women that can be used for all different hair types. This particular product works by boosting areas of the scalp that are thin-looking, by protecting follicles from DHT (the main cause of thinning hair). Most of these products are leave-in treatments for thinning hair and for women with low density hair lines. It is important to try to use these products at least twice a day, applying it to the areas that are thinning. The other great thing about follicle boosters is that they also protect the hair against phototoxic and damaging effects of sunlight, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. hair loss concealers can be applied as a lotion or even a powder. These concealers are a hair thickener for women that will thicken thin hairs, ensuring that they stand up and spread out, adding an amazing fullness to the hair that you still have left. The great thing about this is that the noticeable bald areas will simply go away. No, your hair will not grow back but the thin spots will disappear because your remaining hair will cover up those areas. As you can imagine, you will begin to feel better about yourself and your self image when you see the instant change in your hair.

Before and After VollumaA hair thickener for women will work with any skin color, hair color or hair type. They and they have helped thousands of women just like you regain their self esteem and self confidence. Most of these cosmetic products compliment other medical hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil, which means that you can get instant results while waiting the weeks and months to see if the drug will work for you.

Guy-Kissing-Beautiful-Girl-300x204.jpgAll in all, there are plenty of products on the market today that will help you manage your hair loss by working with the hair that still have left, which should put your mind at ease. Remember, you are not alone. Another great thing about a cosmetic solution is that it is affordable and doesn’t require drugs, wigs or invasive surgery. If one thing is for certain, you have the power to take control of your hair loss by taking advantage of a hair thickener for women, so you can feel like the beautiful woman that you have always been both inside and out.

Volluma ProductsVolluma Hair Thickener

Volluma Salon Professional Hair Thickener and Volumizer for Thinning Hair is the popular choice of many Hair Stylists when confronted with thinning hair and hair loss. It’s colored formulation thickens thinning hair adding the body needed to make the hair conform to the stylist wishes and it’s water resistant formulation keeps it in place in the toughest conditions – it won’t let you down.


If you suffer from thinning hair and don’t want drugs, surgery or wigs, use the Hair Thickener the Pros use – choose Volluma!

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