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Instantly release the beautiful,  confident woman inside with Volluma, the cosmetic hair loss treatment for women depended upon by Professional Hairstylists worldwide. You’ll immediately look good and feel great with the aerosol hair thickener recommended by Doctors and Dermatologists for hair loss conditions that are temporary or difficult to treat.

Volluma is the instant beauty solution for thinning hair and hair loss in women. Whether you’re agonizing over alopecia areata, enduring one of the myriad of other temporary causes of hair thinning in women including hair loss after pregnancy or suffering permanent female pattern baldness, Volluma Hair Thickener is the Salon Professional hair loss treatment you need to look as beautiful as you feel.

Volluma ProductsAbout Volluma Hair Thickener & Volumizer for Thinning Hair

Volluma Hair Thickening spray is the instant cosmetic styling solution for thinning hair and hair loss in women. Used worldwide by Hair Stylists to immediately improve the appearance thinning hair, it is Doctor recommended to improve the look of transplants or hair recovering due to medication. Whether you are using a shampoo for hair loss, a hair regrowth medication or a had a hair transplant that didn’t produce the results you hoped for, Volluma works every time!

Due to its patented water resistant formulation and wide colour range, Volluma Salon Professional Hair Thickener and Volumizer for Thinning Hair is the choice of Hair Stylists in Europe and North America to cosmetically repair female hair loss.

How Volluma WorksUnlike other cosmetic hair thickening keratin treatments, Volluma Hair Thickener is wind and water resistant so it “stays put” regardless of the weather or your activities. Applied as directed, you’ll have complete confidence that Volluma will stay in place in any situation whether you’re spending quality time with the one you love, playing your favourite sport or you got stuck in bad weather!

You decide when to remove Volluma Hair Thickener with a couple of washings using your regular shampoo or in just a single wash with  Volluma Shampoo.

Look Good, Feel Great with Volluma Hair Thickener!

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