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Disclaimer – Results may vary depending on type and density of existing natural hair. Best results are achieved when applied as directed.

Before Volluma After Volluma

Before Volluma After Volluma

Before Volluma After Volluma

Before Volluma After Volluma

Before Volluma After Volluma

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“I received Volluma yesterday and tried it for the first time today. WOW! It works great! I was using HAIRCUBED for just over 1 year and i was having trouble getting coverage in certain areas. But with Volluma a few sprays and its all done! I also sprayed Volluma when my hair wasnt washed and used a regular brush and it still worked GREAT! HIARCUBED recommends you use there brush, which i think was all BS!
But THANK YOU AGAIN for this product.
Much Appreciated,”

Tom – Toronto ON

“I have been using Fullmore for 10 years prior to them discontinuing the blonde color. I tried ‘Finally Hair” and was disappointed in the results. Then i found Hair Cubed and, well sorry to say, that i was also disappointed. It sprayed ok but it did not have the fullness i wanted. I finally came across “Volluma” and talked to a nice lady named Dale who helped me choose the color. I was thrilled to find out that it was just what i was looking for. It filled in all the sparse spots and the volume i achieved with her product and instructions were great.
Thank you Dale.”

Don – Washington State

“I received your product and I am very satisfied with the results”
Tony – Zelienople PA

“Your products have really boosted my confidence because (now) even a heavy wind will not expose the thinning areas at all! All in all, fantastic stuff!”
Chris, Boston, MA

“The product is remarkable. Just three quick sprays on my scalp, under the thinning hair (which is not really that thin) created enough volume to make my hair look totally full and thick. It can be easily brushed and is totally undetectable. It’s rare that a product actually measures up to accompanying claims. Your product exceeds my all my expectations. Also, the shampoo is terrific. I used a very small amount, shampooed just once, and it totally untangled my long hair which normally takes three washes with other (supposedly) superior shampoos.”
John – San Francisco, CA

“I received my order yesterday. I love the product and the fast service. Thank you.”
Paul – Buffalo, NY

“I’ve been experiment(ing) with Volluma and I love it the more I use it.”
Ken – Ottawa, ON

“Today is the first day I tried it and I must say I’m VERY impressed. I have been a topix user for about 15 years but your product blows it away. I’m ordering a bunch today and I’m getting some for my dad as well.
Thank you ! :-)”

Ron – Port Chester, NY

“This product is awesome i am really loving it. I love the holding strength of the Volluma, keep it up. Thanks for introducing product like this.”
Sam – Scarborough, ON

“Great stuff, really good, thank you!”
Marty – Overland Park, KS

“I received the product about a week ago and I am very impressed. I have been using Toppik for many years but hated the powder mess everywhere, the coverage was ok but not as good as Volluma. Thank you.
Terry – Toronto, ON

“The service is as good as the product, Fast and reliable. Thanks!!!
Nick – Guelph, ON

“Got product in Saturday, looks like I’m going to love it ten times better that GLH. I have a lot of experience with using GLH and others, just the little I used, can tell (it’s a) much better product.
Bill – Walters, OK

“Great product, works great!
George – Troy, MI

“Thank You for this wonderful product. It has totally changed my life and has given my self confidence back. I can now walk into a room with complete confidence and not worry what people think. Highly recommended. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
Mario – Richmond Hill, ON

“My name is Paul and I’ve been the hair business for 40 years. When training new staff, I will mention to them, that we are in the “Feel Good” business. We want our clients to “Feel Good” about themselves, when they leave our shop, and that is what Volluma does for me! It fills in my bald spot, and hides my very receding hairline, and gives me more self confidence in my appearance. Easy to use, after I wash and dry my hair, then apply Volluma, and then I put in my styling product, and finish with shine spray. It lasts for days. It’s the best product I’ve ever used. Many products promise thicker volumized hair, but leave you thin and flat. Volluma actually works.
Paul Jarvis, Hair Crafters, 1227 Barton St. E., Hamilton, ON

“I was a skeptic to Volluma at first but now I use it everyday and after shower.”
Huy – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“I was at the Anti-Aging Show in Toronto over the weekend, I was able to buy a couple of cans from the young lady at the show. She actually demonstrated it on me, and so far I am very satisfied. Thank you very much.”
Paul – Toronto, ON

“I am using Volluma now for a couple of years. I’m very satisfied with the product. Thank you for that!
Remco – The Netherlands

“We at Transhair International are so impressed with your product that we have incorporated it into our sales line. The product proves to be a welcome supplement for people who want to get ultimate results. Men particularly are very impressed with the results.”
Cor van Oyen, Transhair – Benelux B.V.

“I have tried Volluma and I must say, it’s a good product, especially for me.
Mustafa B.

“I love it!”
Wassim – Toronto, ON

“Thank you for the constant updates regarding my order and the excellent customer service you had provided. I’m also very pleased with the item. Thank you very much.”
Hans – Woodhaven, NY

Male with short hair (1 min.)

Male with short hair and gel applied (1 min.)

Male with medium length hair (3 min.)

What Doctors Say

Dr. LE Fremont
Dr. L.E. Fremont B.Sc. M.D.
The Hair Loss Recovery Program Inc., Toronto, Canada and ISHRS Member

“I recommend VOLLUMA™ as a non-prescription solution to men
and women who are experiencing hair loss and want to improve
their appearance.”

Dr. C Flury
Dr. Cecelia Flury, M.D.
Rothrist, Switzerland, ISHRS Member

“VOLLUMA™ was recommended to me in 2003 by a fellow ISHRS
(International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) member as a way to improve the level of satisfaction with the fullness achieved through hair transplantation. I now recommend it to many patients who expect
maximum results and, by the many referrals we get, it works! I am
extremely happy with Volluma!”


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