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Advice for Men on Hair Loss Issues

Diet for Healthy Hair – Men’s Tip No. 6

These days we tend to treat ailments or disorders with pills and medications; while overlooking the condition of our internal systems. The state of our hair provides vital clues about what is going on inside our bodies – what we eat, the air we breathe and how we live all affect the condition of our hair and it’s appearance tells the tale to those that know the signs.

After an assessment from a Doctor or Dermatologist, the next step in combating hair loss should be to examine your diet to ensure you are eating foods that will support healthy hair growth – while avoiding those (more…)

Cosmetic Hair Thickeners – Men’s Tip No. 5

A hair thickener is a cosmetic that produces dramatic visual results instantly by adding (usually) colored fibers to the hair cuticle (the outside of the hair shaft) to temporarily thicken it. At the same time some of these fibers fall on the scalp to noticeably reduce the scalp contrast that “shines through” thinning hair. Hair thickeners do not regrow hair – a popular misconception. (more…)

Treatment Options – Men’s Tip No. 4

There are three primary types of treatment for hair loss: prescription medication, surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments.
Make sure to check with your doctor or dermatologist before starting any medication but some of the options (more…)

Hair Loss Diagnosis – Men’s Tip No. 3

Hair loss can appear at just about any stage of life for a variety of reasons requiring varying solutions. Because you need to understand a problem before you can solve it, it’s imperative to get a medical diagnosis in every case to determine the exact cause and proper treatment.

Step 1 is to (more…)

Hair Myths De-Bunked – Men’s Tip No. 2

While the internet is a fantastic place to find support and get information about hair loss, you have to pay close attention to the source – is it truly believable and/or qualified? Falsehoods and lies are rampant, uninformed and foolish opinions are indiscriminately shared and companies with an economic interest spread panic with perversions and distortions of the truth.
Without a straight shooting, honest resource it’s (more…)

Discover Your Inner Style – Men’s Tip No. 1

The most important concept about your hair loss is the one you really don’t want to hear, I’m sorry but – Get Over It!

For the vast majority of men, hair loss is genetic and, short of a hair transplant, there’s really not much that can be done about it contrary to what you may have read or heard. Of course you should avoid self diagnosis and go to your doctor or dermatologist first for a professional opinion so you know exactly what you are dealing with. (more…)

My Story

Chris DenisonI started clogging the shower drain when I was 15 and my hair was pretty much gone less than 15 years later. As a teen I avoided high school dances and later spent many evenings out with my buddies holding an empty table while they scattered to check out the ladies. Luckily my sense of humour eventually snagged me a lovely lady but being stranded by my buddies, feeling like the oldest, ugliest guy in the bar is still a painful memory.

My shattered self confidence resulted in (more…)

Bald and Free Day – we missed it!

I’m sorry but we failed to celebrate bald guy’s day last year but if you were to ask me, there is always a reason to celebrate the day. And right now, everyone seems to be celebrating something – after all, we have a few holidays packed in tightly together.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered (in the midst of all these celebrations) that I missed National Bald and Free Day. No joke, the United States has nationally recognized (more…)

Hair Loss and Teenagers – What Role Do You Play?

Because of my role (as a distributor of Volluma) I try to keep up on blog posts, forums, articles, press releases and other sources of information about male pattern baldness and thinning hair. And one thing has been bothering me a lot lately. It’s the number of negative comments I keep reading from teens and young men who are experiencing receding hairlines at exceptionally young ages. (more…)

Look How You Really Want to Look

Have you ever heard the saying, “We are what we think about and we do what we really want to do?”

It’s true. Have you ever started a diet only to realize three weeks later that you have yet to lose any weight? And why is that? Well, when it came right down to it, what you really wanted to do was have a beer and watch TV instead of work out. Even though you “thought” losing weight was what you wanted most, you discovered that what you really wanted was to relax and watch sports. (more…)

What Adds to Your Character Besides Thinning Hair?

I was watching football this weekend and realized I have a very bad habit – I stereotype. Like almost everyone else out there, I judge people based on their looks. Specifically, I was watching the outrageous fans (you know – the ones who paint their bodies with team colors) and the cheerleaders (who all look exactly alike). (more…)

Botched Hair Transplant!

A “Botched Hair Transplant” was what he called it…

Last week I had a call from a new Volluma user that tragically suffered a botched hair transplant.  His explanation was that the blood flow to his scalp was disrupted during the surgery and some of his existing hair was now falling out – YIKES! (more…)

What Really Bothers You About Thinning Hair?

If I was not a major distributor of Volluma Hair Thickener – which you should all try by the way – I think I may have explored the psychology world. So, given my nature to analyze, I hope you’ll indulge me by thinking about this question: what really bothers you about thinning hair? (more…)

Onion – Male Hair Loss 7 Times More Painful Than Childbirth

I don’t how many of you follow “The Onion” online but it’s a tonge-in-cheek “news” website that’s hilarious.

This “study” should tickle your fancy and give you some male hair loss “facts” to share.

I know, I’ve experienced the “pain” personally and I’m sure you have too. Now we have the “proof” to share and I’ll bet your significant other will really appreciate it. 😉

Read the full story here. (more…)

Does Baldness Cause Stress or Does Stress Cause Baldness?

It’s not much of a consolation, but at least those of us coping with baldness and thinning hair know it’s not our fault. It’s our genetics. It’s our bodies. It’s the diseases we’ve been fighting. We didn’t choose to have this happen. The hair just fell out. We are completely and totally blameless.

Okay…like I said, not much of a consolation. But we (more…)

Male Pattern Baldness and the Evil Genie

You’ve tried. Heaven knows you’ve tried to ignore your receding hairline or the balding patches on your head. Your life would be so much easier if you weren’t self-conscious every time you walked into a club, met a stranger, or looked in the mirror. But while you make an effort to stay out of the light, what are those around you (more…)

Look Great Despite Your Hair Loss

As someone who knows the pains of hair loss, I feel comfortable making this general statement to every man with thinning hair:

Come on guys…cut yourself a break!

By now, you’ve seen all the half-hearted attempts to cover thinning hair or baldness. You’ve seen the comb-overs, the cheap toupees, and (more…)

The “Thinning Hair or Baldness” Challenge

Every day I am grateful to be a married man. And not just married, but married to an absolutely amazing woman. That being said, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be single or that I’m immune to the affects of male pattern baldness.

But, as a “specialist” in hair thickeners and thinning hair solutions, I have to be more objective. And, I frequently spend time online finding topics to discuss with you.

So here’s what struck me today as I was (more…)

A Lack of Support Among Men with Thinning Hair?

Wayne Rooney, super young and successful British Soccer star has recently undergone a hair transplant. That news has been splashed all over the Internet for the last three days. Now, hair transplants are common enough, however, when it’s a celebrity the topic seems to attract a little more attention.

But what surprised me – and I read several articles about it – were the personal attacks Rooney received from the media and from other men who suffer with (more…)

Should You Consider a Hair Transplant?

There’s a great scene in the movie Return to Me. Minnie Driver is on a blind date with a guy who’s recently gotten hair plugs. The strands of hair are obviously plugs, but that doesn’t stop the man from bragging about the work he’s had done.

The movie scene is meant to be a joke. In actuality, the companies that offer surgical hair transplantation do a really decent job. But is it the right choice for you? (more…)

Understanding Your Hair Loss

For More Information On Hair Loss Issues And Treatments For Men Please Visit The Following Organizations:


Reasons for Men’s Hair Loss

According to the American Hair Loss Association, the cause of thinning hair and balding in men is due to heredity 95% of the time.

Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) is progressive, often starting in a young man’s teens with a receding hairline that follows a (more…)

Hair Loss – Get Over It

Discover Your Inner Style

It’s not often discussed, but hair loss can have devastating effects on the self-confidence and emotional well-being of affected men. While hair loss is an obstacle that is thrown into most men’s lives at some point, the ways in which to deal with it are up to each individual. There are only two options (more…)

Mens Hair Loss Can Be Controlled

Hair loss can appear at any stage in life and in most cases it is simply accepted as a man’s fate, a cruel twist of genetics that you can do nothing about. Regardless of your feelings about balding, it is imperative that a medical diagnosis is sought in every case to (more…)

Hair Loss Myths

When you first realize that your are balding…

the natural reaction for many is to search for any and all information related to hair loss (usually on the internet) looking for a “cure”.

While the net can be a great place to find support and information, there are also (more…)

Combating Hair Loss with Drugs

Hair loss can be controlled when acted upon in it’s early stages and with men it can be fairly straightforward to control with some drugs. The key of course is a visit to the doctor or dermatologist to rule out medical, dietary, environmental or physiological causes. In the large majority of cases for men suffering from hair loss, the cause is (more…)