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You’ve seen your clients arrive with poorly applied powders, pastes and other cover-up products in their thinning hair. You know it’s a mess, and they don’t like it either. They need your help but are too afraid to ask, so help them with Volluma, the Instant Hair Thickener for Thinning Hair. It’s the hair loss solution your clients have been looking for and it’s the one you can proudly stand behind.

  1. "As the editor for a hair magazine who tested Volluma as a new product, I must say it really works and I love the way it makes me feel!" ~ Taryn W. - Editor Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, Toronto, ON

With Volluma, color selection is simple. Application is quick and easy allowing the Stylist creative freedom to create the look the client has been craving. Show your clients how to apply Volluma themselves and you’ll have a customer for life.

  1. "I've been in the hair business for 40 years. When training new staff, I will mention to them that we are in the "Feel Good" business. We want our clients to "Feel Good" about themselves when they leave our shop. Many products promise thicker, volumized hair, but leave you thin and flat. Volluma actually works."  - Paul Jarvis, Hair Crafters, Hamilton, ON

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Why You Should Become a Volluma Dealer (US and Canada only)

Your Clients Will Love You

You have men and women with thinning hair that need your professional help and they’ll become life long, high value clients when you do.

The numbers add up to a great opportunity for you! Numbers like this - when we asked 50 of our customers to rank “how you feel after using Volluma”,

  1. 88% of them ranked “increased self confidence” as the No. 1 benefit

  2. 84% of them ranking “feeling more attractive after use” as the No. 2 benefit.

Volluma users feel great and retention rate is high resulting in repeat sales.

Increase Your Average Sale to Existing Clients

Increasing your average sale is the No. 1 best way to lift profits and selling extra products and services to your existing clients is one of the best approaches.

  1. Volluma is a new product class adding to your existing services and retail to immediately boost sales.

  2. Volluma is not for everyone but does have a broad demographic appeal from twenty-somethings through the boomers. Regardless of age, if they’re suffering hair loss, they want to look great and Volluma can help

A Key Sales Tool in Your Arsenal of Hair Loss Solutions

Many potential clients are unsuitable for hair replacement for a variety of reasons yet they do not wish to use medications or wear a wig.

Volluma works regardless of the cause or the stage of hair loss to provide the instant and impressive results the client is looking for.

Don’t let the customer get away; give them the look they want with Volluma and save the sale. It’s an inexpensive option for the client yet keeps them coming back to your shop regularly.

Get New Clients

The second best way to increase profits in your business is by increasing the number of customers you have – new products and services like Volluma, bring new clients to you.

  1. Be one of the select Dealers to advertise Volluma as your new specialty service

  2. Large potential market in your neighbourhood – 40% of females and 50% of males are thinning.

Great Cash Flow

Cash is King in any business – keep your register ringing and inventory moving with solid retail mark-ups.

  1. Consumable cosmetic product - once they try it they won’t go out without it!

  2. Regular monthly purchase for men and women.

Optional Affiliate Commission Structure for Referrals

Call for details on this fantastic program that earns you cash with no inventory to buy!

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What is Volluma?

Volluma is an extraordinary European Salon Professional product that cosmetically thickens thinning hair. For men and women of all ages experiencing this devastating condition, it dramatically improves the fullness of thinning hair helping to restore its natural look. The boost in self confidence this brings can dramatically improve the professional and social lives of your clients – they’ll love you for it.

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Developed in Germany, Volluma has been tested and approved by hair transplant surgeons and is now "the secret" of salon professionals throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Dermatologists and surgeons frequently recommend Volluma as a non-medical hair restoration option for patients who have a temporary problem, are unsuitable candidates for a hair replacement procedure or are unsatisfied with the results of other hair loss treatments.

  1. "I recommend Volluma as a non-prescription solution to men and women who are experiencing hair loss and want to improve their appearance." - Dr. L. E. Fremont,

  2. Principal, Physicians Hair Loss Clinics, Toronto, Canada

How It Works

Video - Female with long hair (60 sec.)

Video - Male with short hair (60 sec.)

Volluma is a high value consumable cosmetic hair thickening aerosol spray for women and men that works regardless of the cause or degree of thinning hair. As long as there is hair to which Volluma can bond, it works wonders!

Volluma is available in 10 natural weatherproof hair colors that perform like “mascara” for the hair. It thickens each hair strand with keratin microfibers, dramatically improving the appearance of thinning hair and the confidence of the user.

The effect of Volluma is temporary but its water resistant bond remains in the hair until washed out with Volluma Shampoo or with multiple washings of any regular shampoo.

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About Hair Loss

In North America alone over 40 million women and 50 million men experience hair loss at some point in their lives. The majority of them are worried and actively searching for a “fix” to make them look and feel better. Hair loss is an issue that results in 100,000 online searches per month in North America. For many folks, women especially, this is a taboo subject that strikes at the very heart of vanity, one that will not often be discussed with friends or family. As their confidant and Hair Professional, you are in a unique position to liberate them by discussing and understanding their concerns. By making them look and feel great without the social pressure they might experience in another setting you’ll build a loyal following one client at a time.

Women and Hair Loss

The majority of women experience a diffuse type of thinning hair, (shown here) that Volluma covers perfectly! Volluma is the color specific cosmetic hair thicker that works instantly making a woman feel as good as she looks.

It’s unfair, but women have many more causes and triggers for hair loss than men and far fewer options for resolving this embarrassing situation. Volluma works regardless of how a woman is losing her hair, whether it is due to heredity, physical or emotional stress, chemical or environmental exposure or hormonal fluctuations due to medications, pregnancy or disease. Help her look great and feel great with Volluma

Men and Hair Loss

Men experience thinning hair due to heredity 95% of the time, typically in a horseshoe shaped pattern. The 12 classifications or stages of male hair loss appear here.

Men’s hair loss typically progresses over time through the stages shown here ultimately arriving at the genetic destiny determined by their heredity. Through those stages Volluma is highly effective where there is some hair. Volluma does not work on bald spots, but with your assistance, and services, it can be selectively applied to greatly improve a man’s appearance.

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