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Results may vary depending on type and density of existing natural hair. Best results are achieved when applied as directed
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What is Volluma?

Volluma hair thickening spray is the instant styling solution for thinning hair and hair loss in women and thinning hair in men. Doctors recommend Volluma to improve the appearance of hair regrowth from other hair loss treatments. Whether you use a hair loss shampoo, a hair regrowth medication to make hair grow faster or a hair transplant that didn’t produce the desired results, Volluma works instantly to make you look good and feel great!

Due to its natural look and water resistance, Volluma Salon Professional Hair Thickener and Volumizer for Thinning Hair is the choice of thousands of Hair Stylists in Europe and North America to cosmetically improve the look of female hair loss and male pattern baldness.

Unlike other cosmetic hair thickening keratin treatments, Volluma Hair Thickener is wind and water resistant so it “stays put” regardless of your activity. Applied as directed, you’ll have complete confidence that Volluma spray-on hair will stay in place whether you’re spending quality time with the one you love, playing your favourite sport or – when you’re just “out and about” on a hot, sweaty day!

Remove Volluma Hair Thickener only when you want with Volluma Shampoo, formulated to remove the water resistant hair thickener in just one application.

For Men

Instantly make your thinning hair look it’s very best with NO drugs, NO hair piece and NO surgery. Volluma will boost your self confidence, helping you break-through career and social barriers you didn’t know were blocking your way.

Volluma Hair Thickening spray is the instant styling solution for thinning hair and male pattern baldness. Volluma Hair Thickener is the cosmetic hair loss product for men recommended by Doctors to improve the final appearance of surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments for frontal hair loss treatment and male pattern baldness.

It’s also the premier spray-on-hair product relied upon by Barbers and Professional Hair Stylists to restore the thick hair and self confidence of men with thinning hair. With Volluma hair loss products for men you’ll look good and feel great – Life is Good!

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For Women

Instantly release the beautiful woman inside with Volluma, the hair loss treatment for women. Look good and feel great with the best female hair loss treatment recommended by Doctors to boost the confidence of women with hair loss conditions that are difficult to treat.

Volluma is the instant beauty solution for thinning hair and hair loss in women. Whether you’re agonizing over alopecia areata, enduring one of the myriad of other temporary causes of hair thinning in women including hair loss after pregnancy or suffering permanent female pattern baldness, Volluma Hair Thickener is the Salon Professional hair loss treatment for women you need to look as beautiful as you feel.

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